Reclaimed wood


Reclaimed wood furniture has an aura and character that is truly unique. If you have a specific theme in mind with your furniture, then you might find that using reclaimed wood furniture breathes a lot of life into that theme. The secret to reclaimed wood furniture is where the wood comes from and how it is processed. You might get the old floor boards of a Tennessee farm house made into a table, or the roof decking from a Kansas barn made into a dresser.

Why Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood furniture is the kind of furniture that immediately grabs your attention the moment you see it. It has a very specific look that can be the perfect enhancement to a room you have been trying to complete for years. Reclaimed wood is not only durable, it also has a story to tell. Reclaimed wood furniture is new furniture that comes with a history that is etched into the grain of the wood.

Our Reclaimed Wood Furniture

The reclaimed wood furniture we sell is designed to make the most of everything that is unique about this type of building material. Our designs accent the history of the wood and create furniture that tells its own story. A room outfitted with reclaimed wood furniture is a conversation starter and a place where history seems to come alive.

With reclaimed furniture, and our experts are ready to recommend the perfect pieces for your interior design. Visit our online showroom to see pictures of the latest pieces that we have for sale, or give our experts a call and get more information on our reclaimed wood furniture. When it is a memorable piece of furniture you want, then you want something.

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